With lead customers emerging in the Financial, Government, and Healthcare industries, Texar SecureRealms can be tailored for any market looking for policy-based authorization solutions.

For Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) who are concerned with security risks associated with the loss or misappropriation of critical data through error or fraud; with confidentiality and appropriate use of valuable data; and/or with breaches of legislated requirements concerning privacy, Texar has the solution for you. Through centralized security and decentralized enforcement, Texar SecureRealms solutions offer the necessary controls to mitigate information security risks and manage valuable enterprise data regardless of platform, server, application, or access channel.

If you are a system integrator or consultant in the financial, government, and healthcare markets and are interested in expanding your opportunities for serving this customer base, we'd be interested in hearing from you.